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    is anyone having problems with 50 to 1 on ver. It ran for 30 min. doing a main movie copy and was only at 30+%, it locked up my dvd player (I/O device) I could not even open the drive door to get the disc out. Had to reboot twice. It is a Sony production. I will scan the disc for bugs, because Sony is known in the past for injecting them. Why is the new version creating a ThumbnailTemp3516 folder now, and there was never any log file for 50 to 1 created either. Had no problem with the previous disc I was working on. That is what is in the Thumbnail folder now and in the log file.
    But nothing for 50 to 1

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    I used ver. and had no problem with 50 to 1 and only took 16 min.
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