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Strange issue with DVD Player!!!

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  • Strange issue with DVD Player!!!

    I occasionally run into this problem. I'd like to know if there is anything I can do. Generally, copied movies on DVD+R or DL play fine on my Sony brand stand alone player.

    Once in a while a picture freezes. Usually first 20-30 minutes into the movie.

    When this happened first,I unattached my player from my tv (upscaling player with HDMI connection). And used a same brand and model Sony player that I purchased for a different TV. The movie stopped exactly at the same spot! That tells me the issue is not the player but the burnt DVD. Here's the strange part:
    I use a Sony brand bluray player that is connected to the same TV thru different HDMI input. The DVD plays flawlessly in bluray player!!

    U might wonder why I don't use Bluray player all the time.
    two reasons:
    1-Cinevia issue ((
    2-I prefer using Bluray player for Bluray discs. Wear and tear!!

    These players are about 3 years old.
    So, will a newer different brand DVD player take care of this freeze issue?

    I always rip the original DVD to computer hard drive, then burn it onto blank media. I always use DL for long movies.


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    Interesting, try taking the cable from the BR player and plug it into the port that plays and the player that won't play it. Eliminate the cable and port as the problem.
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    Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.
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      What brand discs are you using and what speed are you burning at?


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        I never thought about the hdmi cable! I believe both cables for dvd and br players are Amazon brand.
        I will switch the cables and see what happens.

        I mostly use Verbatim and Amazon brand blank media. They always work for me. I get these from Amazon whenever they r on sale. My burn speed is x4. Should I make it even slower?

        My Asus brand laptop has i5 Intel chip and 8 gb ram. I leave the laptop alone during burn process. It takes about 20-25 minutes and dvdfab always shows "success".


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          If the disc plays fine in one player but not another you wouldn't think it's a bad burn. Just to be on the safe side burn at ½ the rated speed of the blank media and set the booktype to DVD-ROM for compatibility with more players. See attached:
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          Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.
          Albert Einstein


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            Thank you for the response 90312.
            As u suggested, I changed my write speed from 4 to 2. I don't care that it will take longer as long as the dvd plays. I also checked the second suggestion.
            The software is using the default engine "VSO burning engine". I wonder if I should choose Imgburn. I don't know why some users prefer this over VSO. I imagine it has some advantages.

            I forgot to mention one thing when I opened this thread

            My vizio tv is hung on basement wall. There is an exercise room behind this wall. Since the wifey didn't want cables dangling under the tv I hooked everything behind this wall. The satellite box (joey), dvd and bluray players, etc.
            The tv has 4 hdmi inputs. 2 in the back and 2 on the side. I am currently using the ones in the back. one of them is for the satellite box. the other is connected to HDMI switcher. This switcher has 3 inputs. The dvd player is connected to input 1 and bluray player to input 2. input 3 is currently not being used.
            I unattached the hdmi cable (dvd player) from input 1 and attached it to input 3. No change on input 2 which is connected to BR player, Input 1 is free. Now, the disc that I was having trouble with (freeze issue) is playing fine.
            Maybe the issue is caused by input 1 on this switcher box. Of course, I am only guessing.

            Good day.


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              Glad you got it sorted out skoy, Murphy's Law is ever present!
              How to post the internal log

              Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.
              Albert Einstein