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  • Preview Audio Problems

    Hi All,
    When I do movie preview, and there are multiple languages. Spanish is the only track that will play. This is when using the internal preview decoder.
    When I use the direct show decoder English will play but none of the other languages will. The subtitles will not play using either decoder. This happens with WIN XP and WIN 8.1. I do not have this problem with the last DVD FAB series 8 version. As stated in the prefix above currently using version Anyone having the same issues?

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    I have noticed similar.
    Despite what you select either as Audio tack or sub-title
    The inbuilt previewer makes random decisions about what it will play and show
    However if you trust the labels and copy what you need
    You usually get what you want
    But it is a leap of faith
    Mutt ... All-In-One Lifetime Member