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  • Freezing on playback

    i am having a problem with my copied discs freezing on playback. It may be at 38 min, 50 min 138 min or whenever. I am using verbatim azo have tried different external drives and internal drive. They burn with no problems noted until playback. Never had this problem before. Does anyone have a suggestion? Have not been on the forum for years since no problem with fab. Windows 10 64bit any more info needed?

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    how fast are you burning your discs ?? try burning at 4x speed
    and try using imgburn to burn your discs.
    if these tips don't help then you should post the dvdfab internal log files
    as well as the burn log files.


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      Are you using dual layer? I would suggest using Imgburn (free) to burn if you are not using that, and burning at the slowest speed supported by your burner. I have had issues where Imgburn burns and verifies without a hitch, but then have problems playing back on some standalone players. Burning at slowest supported speed generally solved the problem for me. Does it freeze when playing on your PC, or just standalone player? Though verbatim is generally good quality and I can usually burn at the fastest speed supported, the dual layer discs that are manufactured in the U.A.E. (you can find this info on the outer wrapping, albeit very small text) seem to be more problematic for me and have to burn those at the slowest speed supported.


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        I believe I am overstepping but have a problem. I am 76 and not tech savvy. I just got my first smartphone. I have been burning with whatever was on dvdfab and whatever speed was preset. No idea how or where to change the burning speed. just recently I ran into the above problem. Per your advice I have downloaded img and trying to follow all the directions on pairing the two. however I cannot get by the second step of setting dvdfab to use imgburn ingine and speed. I click on the dvdfab/docs tab and get the same page as I started with. as I said I am tech challenged and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I know that you are not a technology teacher but would you mind giving an old person advice. I have been on the internet trying to figure this out but I keep going back to the same pages with no resolution. if you would please help or direct me to a page that would help, I would truly appreciate it. will even bake cookies and eat a dozen in your honor.


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          In fab to set burn engine click on the triangle on right upper side when Fab is open then click on common settings/then drives on top bar/ then burning engine it's a pull down select Img burn if you already installed the program on your hard drive. You can do this for dvd write and blu ray write if you want to use Img burn for both then select same setting for both then in Img burn open it to burn page.The burn speed is a pull down circled in red that's how you set burn speed for disk in drive.

          Click image for larger version

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