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    When choosing to remove annoying PGCs, RCE, et al., I suppose DVDFab does this by altering VIDEO_TS.IFO?

    1. Is that right?
    2. Does it alter any other files, or remove them from the copy? (since VOB containing copyright PGC wouldn't be needed anymore)
    3. Specifically, is VIDEO_TS.BUP preserved as-is?
    4. If VIDEO_TS.BUP was not present, does DVDFab generate one, as a copy of the original VIDEO_TS.IFO?

    AFAICT, if VIDEO_TS.IFO is altered, then so is VIDEO_TS.BUP. Is there any information stored in the copy that would allow me to reconstruct the original VIDEO_TS.IFO?

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    DVDFab does this by altering VIDEO_TS.IFO;
    Once VIDEO_TS.IFO is modified, VIDEO_TS.BUP modified accordingly;
    VOB file is modified too, to remove some protection.
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      thank you