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    Since i upgraded to Windows 7 x64, with every other dvd i burn my machine BSOD with a system service exception. When i uninstall the vso driver, it seems to work fine...as well i tried to switch to the nero engine and dvdfab compains that it is not installed, when in fact it is.

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    i know this does not solve the VSO or Nero problems. However have you tried ImgBurn?

    VSO has an official support forum. please inform them of the issue, this will help to make future vso versions better.



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      In addition to troy512's advice....there is a known issue with the patin-couffin driver and Win 7 64-bit. The most recent versions of Fab when installed with VSO now use SPTI and not patin-couffin driver (I think this started with v. on Sept 4).

      Uninstall all instances of VSO/patin-couffin and then download and install v. and be certain to include VSO.
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