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DVD5 file size

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  • DVD5 file size

    maybe just my imagination but after compressing any movie using full disc mode, windows would report the resulting file be 4.38gb and now Fab is compressing it to 4.36gb ? my target file size setting is 4472mb and the compressed file plays fine just thought i'd mention it. as stated maybe its my imagination.

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    i have mine set to 4300 mb, a video_ts i have is 4397 mb as reported by windows.

    this has been questioned in the past, however i do not remember why this happens.


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      In computer's world, the file size displayed is in base 2, not the manufacturing advertised size as seen in DVDR that is in base 10. So your target size is 4472MB / 1024 = 4.36GB as reported by Fab. 1024 is 2 to the power of 10. But the final compression size due to video compressibility, number of audio and/or subtitle chosen, will be close to the set target size. It will not necessarily be exact.

      Anyways, 4.38GB is a little bit over the DVD5 size, and you know the burn quality near the edge of the disc is flaky and is prone to scratching. I suggest you use the default size set by Fab, instead of 4472MB. Or if you insist, you can lower it to 4464MB (similar to DVD Shrink's default size).


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        Great explanation by toaddub and thanks.
        One more reason that we stress the use of quality media.

        Most of us recommend and use Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden media which allow you to "push a little closer" to the edge and still get reliable burns.
        I use 4460 MB as my target size, a somewhat, but not altogether arbitrary number...
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          Very good explanation!! and totally agree about using quality media, I learned that the hard way, I switched to Verbs and never looked back. I've seen blank disc reported as 4.38gb just could have sworn the ripped file, iso or folder used to be 4.38gb also. very well a mistake on my part. Thanks for all the help.

          Edit: I just reinstalled ver.5322 and it was my imagination. the end result was 4.36gb. must be past time for eye glasses and possibly an early sign of being senile.......
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