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  • Process Failed

    I just installed DVDFab and I started the process of burning. Also when I looked in my dvdfab log folder there was no dvdfab_burn_vso.log. This is the information I could find on my computer.


    DVDFab (2009/10/08 01:03:12)

    DVDFab (2009/10/08 01:07:20)

    DVDFab (2009/10/08 01:09:36)

    9m 03.03s: detected dvd
    9m 03.07s: drive D
    9m 03.13s: video dvd 0
    9m 03.13s: volume label
    2m 40.69s: detected dvd
    2m 40.74s: drive D
    2m 40.74s: video dvd 0
    2m 40.77s: volume label
    9m 59.09s: detected dvd
    9m 59.13s: drive D
    9m 59.15s: video dvd 0
    9m 59.15s: volume label
    3m 37.18s: detected dvd
    3m 37.24s: drive D
    3m 37.24s: video dvd 0
    3m 37.27s: volume label

    01:16:52: Analyzing of DVD started
    01:16:53: Analyzing of DVD completed successfully
    01:16:53: Copy process started
    01:17:07: Task_1 failed! Error=400()
    01:17:08: Process failed!

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    could possibly be a transcoder error. this would indicate dvdfab had trouble applying compression.

    what dvd to dvd mode are you using? what titles are you selecting? what is the disc you are trying to backup? please give as many details as possible.