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  • Movie Conversion Features

    What I am trying to achieve is to have only the main feature with all audio tracks/sub titles and chapter marks. I would also like to have thumbnails for the poster art.

    Now I have the choice to use my Xbox 360, PS3 or WD TV Live.

    I want to know which devices support this functionality and what file type combinations I need to use to achieve this.

    Some things I think I know and some things I have no idea about. For instance, I believe the Xbox 360 does not support chapters, but they do have a skip ahead function built-in that divides the movie into 10 equal chapters. Also, I don't think that DVDFab offers chapters when it encodes a movie, but I might be wring about this.

    I'm looking for my options here. I also have Handbrake that I can use to encode as well. I just want to know if I can get the features I want, and on which platforms, and what file conversions I need to use. If there are multiple file conversions that would achieve this, I would like to know them all with the benefits and drawbacks so I can decide what works best for my situation.

    Thanks for all of your help ahead of time!

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    I don't think you are going to get all the information you want on this DVD Fab Forum.

    You would be better posting a query such as this on an XBox and WDTV forum, work out what file conversions you need and then come back here for questions on them.
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    "I NEVER BURN ANYTHING.... I just transcode my titles and play the files over a network on Media Players, hell of a lot easier!!!


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      Already done that. Kinda the same answer. Would it be easier if I broke it down to one question at a time.

      Ok, Does the Xbox 360 support chapter marks?


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        Have no idea but I know that Fab currently does not.
        "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790
        "I NEVER BURN ANYTHING.... I just transcode my titles and play the files over a network on Media Players, hell of a lot easier!!!


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          DVDFab works great creating iso files that is compatible with the WD TV and you can retain all audio tracks and subtitles (if needed) but the WD TV will not recognize the chapter marks (which is there by me testing with software such as TMT3 or WMP) but is not a big deal for me since it acts like a dvd player, example: if I need to leave, it will remember where it was upon restarting the movie. Thumbnails have to be d/led and resized to specs (80x120 px), My process is creating a folder naming it the same as my title example Die Hard - in that folder I place the Die Hard.iso file - with a Die Hard.jpg thumbnail. Hope that helps answering some WD TV questions and Fab. You are correct, the only file type I know of that supports chapter marks compatible with WD TV is .mkv but Fab does not suport that at this time and I have no idea if it will in the future. On the same note I don't think .mkv files will support multiple audio tracks (they just might) but my personal opinion on that is stick with the iso format since by the time you add and convert to mkv trying to retain the a/v quality you'll have the same file size as an DVD compressed to iso using FAB. Sorry can't answer anything on the XBOX (I don't own one) or PS3 (I do have one but I reserve it for strictlt gaming only, my logic being I paid $499 for it and don't really want to wear it out watching movies but they are cheaper now) Normally I'll use Fab's Mobile option to convert a movie to avi format thus saving hdd space so I can store twice the movies with quality = to the original DVD (avi only supports 1 audio track and Fab will render forced subtitles only to the file OR you can rip the subtitles to an idx/sub file that is also compatible with the WD TV). Officially WD TV does not support iso files but they will work but it won't support menus, My speculation is it could if they wanted to BUT I heard they would have to pay some sort of licensing fee to the movie studios (why I have no idea)

          Hope I didn't jump back and forth on some things here and only confused you.


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            Okay I hope this helps you. Here is my set up and I use a wd tv box.

            1. my external terra byte (my books) drive is connected to the wd tv box.

            2. My wd tv box is connected to my 42" sharp.

            Now it does recognize vts folders. What I do is when I make up a back up with dvdfab I save the decrypted version of the main movie to the my external terra byte. Save on terra byte the vts folder and a way you go. It is cool really!. Who needs those trusty verby d/ls anymore.

            The ps3 can do the same but doesn't like reading of big external drives. If you like transfering vts files with flash cards then go for it. I have over 100 movies on my terrabyte.

            regards rip