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  • DVD Ripper Fix: Work 1 failed, Error = 504.00 1 1

    I received this error today for the first time after using DVDFab for the last 5+ years. My heart fell.

    I realized that it was probably due to the new DVDRW I installed yesterday. I had 2 in it already, but had a spare bay and plenty of idle parts, so added a third DVDRW. It has a 750w PSU in it, so I didn't think it would be a problem.

    Then I tried ripping today, and 3 disks from TV series' that worked fine yesterday were all failing with the above error. I googled it and found several threads suggesting I disable hardware acceleration - but it didn't seem to me that this would be necessary to correct the problem, since it worked fine only yesterday. But the fix did suggest that the error might indicate a low-power issue - the video card requires 350w, much of the other hardware is high-end, too, so it's not too surprising that it might actually be exceeding the PSU's abilities during heavy drive and DVD activity.

    Removing the 3rd drive fixed the problem and DVDFab is ripping happily again now. And I fully suspect that when I replace the existing 750w PSU with a 1000w PSU I'll be able to put this DVDRW back in and it'll be fine.

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    I guess I posted this because the advice being given in the forums already (turn off hardware acceleration) might be a "fix", but it comes at a *major* performance loss. If you're experiencing this error, consider upgrading your power supply. It's worth it!