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  • BD Ripper (3D Plus) Audio Sync issues

    The Audio Sync in the last update is out by a few seconds.

    I've ripped a Blu-ray copy of Guns of Navarone to MP4 and the audio sync delay gets worse as the movie progresses to several seconds at the end of the movie?

    No changes have been made to my settings.

    Log file below:

    DVDFab (2014/04/10 07:40:26)

    0m 00.09s: Init Public log : enabled.
    0m 00.09s: Init Private log : finish.
    0m 00.09s: App info: 2014-4-8
    0m 00.09s: App info: 9138 Beta
    0m 00.10s: Init CrashReportSettings : enabled.
    0m 00.10s: Init DVDInfo_Log : enabled.
    0m 00.10s: Init Qt_Log : disabled.
    0m 00.24s: Profile Manager :: Begin Load Profile
    0m 00.24s: Qt Translator file load success
    0m 00.24s: App info: client type 2.
    0m 00.26s: Fabplay load: preload successful.
    0m 00.31s: Fabplay load: Load successful.
    0m 00.32s: Init process: Transfer settings successful.
    0m 00.32s: info: fabcheck logpath= C:/Users/Mike/Documents/DVDFab9/Log/
    0m 00.35s: fab_check_gpu is running ...
    0m 00.53s: fab_check_gpu run successful
    0m 00.53s: info: recommand= 0, Shrink support= 0, enable= 0, cuda_cap= 0 , cpu_count= 8
    0m 00.53s: GPU check: GPUAccelerate-5
    0m 00.53s: GPU check: GPUAccelerate setting-0, 0
    0m 00.53s: GPU check: CUDA cap-0
    0m 00.53s: GPU check: Support coreavc decode-0
    0m 00.53s: GPU check: Lighting shrink status-0, 0
    0m 00.53s: GPU check: Graphics info 1: Intel(R) HD Graphics : :
    0m 00.53s: Init process: Load config successful.
    0m 00.53s: Init process: Windows os type is 13.
    0m 00.53s: Init process: command line in is
    0m 00.73s: Reg check: Parse string: ( 2:8260762964 )( 11:8260762964 )( 20:8260762964 )( 21:8260762964 )( 22:8260762964 )( 200:1395253015 )( 50:0 )( OV:9138 )( BV:9137 )( S:51361f0b6bb8abdf42d64316774f43e8 )
    0m 00.73s: Reg check: Option check status-Local
    0m 00.73s: Reg check: ( HD Decrypter:1:0 )-( DVD to DVD (Gold):0:0 )-( DVD to DVD:1:1 )-( DVD to Mobile:1:1 )-( Blu-ray to Blu-ray:1:1 )-( Blu-ray to Mobile:1:1 )-( File to Mobile:0:0 )-( Blu-ray to DVD:0:0 )-( File to DVD:0:0 )-( File to Blu-ray:0:0 )-( File Mover:1:0 )-( Blu-ray to 3D:1:1 )-( 2D to 3D:0:0 )-( Blu-ray Decrypt:1:0 )-( DVD Decrypt:1:0 )-
    0m 00.73s: App info: language type ENU.
    0m 00.73s: Reg check: Start get sys number.
    0m 00.73s: Init process: Init GPU settings successful.
    0m 00.73s: Reg check: Serial number is: e0-69-95-f9-9d-c1
    0m 00.73s: Reg check: Connect type is: 0
    0m 00.84s: Init preview: Begin init preview play engine.
    0m 00.84s: Init preview: Begin init preview play engine(DirectShow).
    0m 00.85s: Init preview: Init DirectShow engine successful.
    0m 01.46s: Burn engine: start init.
    0m 01.60s: Burn engine: engine type-0.
    0m 01.60s: Burn engine: writer count 2.
    0m 01.60s: Burn engine: 0- E:\ [HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW CH10LS28 1.00 (Ide)].
    0m 01.60s: Burn engine: 1- F:\ [hp CDDVDW TS-H653TN H6DA (Ide)].
    0m 01.60s: Burn engine: end init.
    0m 01.73s: Reg check: Times of connecting error is: 0
    0m 01.73s: Reg check: Parse string: ( S:ee71ad3569b2dbb00aa0cef6ddf10513
    0m 01.73s: Reg check: Option check status-NewWork
    0m 01.73s: Reg check: ( HD Decrypter:1:0 )-( DVD to DVD (Gold):1:0 )-( DVD to DVD:1:1 )-( DVD to Mobile:1:1 )-( Blu-ray to Blu-ray:1:1 )-( Blu-ray to Mobile:1:1 )-( File to Mobile:0:0 )-( Blu-ray to DVD:1:0 )-( File to DVD:1:0 )-( File to Blu-ray:1:0 )-( File Mover:1:0 )-( Blu-ray to 3D:1:1 )-( 2D to 3D:1:0 )-( Blu-ray Decrypt:1:0 )-( DVD Decrypt:1:0 )-
    0m 01.99s: Profile Manager :: End Load Profile
    0m 02.41s: Init process: Init setting page successful.
    0m 02.41s: QtLog Mode = false
    0m 02.41s: Show UI Step 2
    0m 02.65s: Show UI Step 3
    0m 02.65s: Start show MainUI.
    0m 02.65s: UI manager: switch to Converter mode.
    0m 03.35s: allow_test : false
    0m 03.35s: fab_app_path : C:/Program Files (x86)/DVDFab 9/
    0m 03.35s: fab_app_name : DVDFab.exe
    0m 03.35s: fab_client_type : 2
    0m 03.35s: product_name : DVDFab
    0m 03.35s: test_url : http://www.dvdfab.cn
    0m 03.35s: down_url : http://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm?ver=9
    0m 03.35s: current_version_type : Beta
    0m 03.35s: update_temp_path : C:/Users/Mike/Documents/DVDFab9/Temp/updateTemp/
    0m 03.35s: current_version : 9138
    0m 03.35s: language_name : ENU
    0m 03.35s: qm_file : C:/Program Files (x86)/DVDFab 9/QLanguage/FabQt_ENU.qm
    0m 03.35s: allow_beta : true
    0m 03.35s: force_newsetup : false
    0m 03.35s: auto_check : true
    0m 03.35s: dvdfab_modulename : DVDFab_Process
    0m 03.35s: current_version : 9135
    0m 03.35s: current_version_type :
    0m 03.35s: skip_version : false
    0m 03.35s: continue_update : false
    0m 03.35s: file_names :
    0m 03.41s: Init process: init main ui successful.
    0m 03.44s: Init process: show main ui successful.
    0m 03.44s: DriveX msg: Init driveX E with I/O mode: 0
    0m 03.44s: DriveX msg: Init driveX F with I/O mode: 0
    0m 11.28s: opening drive E
    0m 11.31s: opened i/o
    0m 11.32s: opening drive F
    0m 11.32s: opened i/o

    Mikey B

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    1.Tried passthough or changed output audio?

    2.Disable GPU.
    User Manual for DVDFab v10 (pdf)

    DVDFab log default location:
    For Windows: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab10\Log
    For Mac: Finder> Documents> DVDFab10> Log

    DVDFab Player 5:
    For Windows:C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab Player 5\Log