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  • BD Ripper (3D Plus) mp4 BD problem

    Hi again,

    This week I ripped about 20 dvds and 24 BDs to mp4 (h.264 + copy audio+ copy selected subs) and just checked if they play ok in both xbmc & plex.
    DVDs -> mp4 play fine. The Blue Ray ones don't. I just get the audio & subs to display but no video ! And the funny thing is, they seem to play fine on MediaPlayerClassic (MPC-HC). Any ideas why? I ripped more than 100BDs with previous versions of fab the same way with no problem.

    Tried a couple of them as MKV and the play fine, but I just noticed mkv rips don't have chapters - is this normal?

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    Nevermind - I think I found the problem with the mp4. Apparently mp4 in 1080 don't play well with metadata (I use MetaX to add info to each file). No metadata and they play ok.