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  • BD Ripper (3D Plus) WDTV live

    Tried to rip The Avengers 3D. I am using to play on WDTV Live. I would choose the WDTV live profile but I would like to convert to mkv format. So set up everything default except under advanced settings I chose to keep original audio then chose only to keep DTS 5.1. I also chose to show forced subs only but also ticked off English subs. When it finished it didn't have DTS audio and the subs didn't show up either forced or when I tried to turn them on. Any tips for ripping Blu ray 3D to mkv with subs for play on WDTV would be appreciated.

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    So I was able to rip to mkv get the DTS audio and used render subs in movie and it worked out okay. But when I chose show forced subs only and pick both the english and forced english subs, I get nothing. Subs show up in WDTV Live that I can pick them, but nothing shows up.


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      I had a problem with them also testing for you when i did get subs their was a ghost sub playing on top of frame from time to time also got no subs in power dvd 11.
      I would post screen shots but can't right now so i really can't show the ghost titles with the main subs.

      I see 2 dts choices dts 7.1 and dts 7.1 preserve HD in the audio pull down I am not clear on what they do as you can put the black triangle on both but get only 1 soundtrack in dts? advanced settings were set to audio copy so this is confusing to me.The a/c3 audio is for the hearing impaired so i don't
      check the second audio track.