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DVDFabbed ISO files to MKV files?

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  • DVD Ripper DVDFabbed ISO files to MKV files?

    Will DVDFab Ripper convert my ISO files I created using DVDFab to MKV files or will I need to get my original DVDs out of the attic and re-rip them to MKV?
    I tried using MakeMKV (it was free and I'm cheap) but it said it could not guarantee the quality because it was ripped by DVDFab. I want the files in MKV format now so I can use Plex and a Roku since my boxeebox is dying. Thanks!

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    Hi SSCR
    Yes, you can use your ISO files.
    Even if it's a little thing, do something for those who have need of help, something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it.

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      Super quick like your namesake CBR 929, thanks! Just wanted to make sure before I took the plunge and paid $50 bucks for the ripper that it would due my ISO files perfectly. And it's worth $50 bucks not to have to climb into my attic!


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        Another question, with DVDFab ripper, do I have to select one movie at a time or can I que a bunch of movies to convert over a period of time, like say before I go to bed? I have a lot of movies to do!


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          No problem

          Yes, after you've setup the first ISO rip, simply select the next ISO and repeat the process until you've setup all the rips you want to do, then hit start.