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    BD Ripper (3D Plus) FLAC Audio Ripper

    Lately I bought a new Astell & Kern DAC portable decoder. I would like to rip several of my BR concerts into FLAC format.

    Unfortunately, the current FLAC can only support up to 192kbps for STEREO, I wonder if it is possible to raise the bit rate to HD level. The DSD or AIFF files I bought online are close to 7000kbps (about 167Mb for a 4 minute file)

    Thanks in advance

    You can use DVDfab in conjunction with HD-DVD/BluRay Stream Extractor to accomplish this. First rip the Bluray disk to the hardrive as an ISO, then feed the ISO to Stream Extractor and select the audio track then extract that as a FLAC file. I did this to the BluRay version of Dark Side of The Moon and converted the LPCM audio to FLAC as 5.1 file @ 96Khz with a bitrate of 8421Kbps (according to MediaInfo). PM me if you need more detailed instructions.


      Thx, gonna try it tonight


        You may experience worse playback from high sample rate files though:

        Also don't confuse bitrate with samplerate. The bitrate in flac is irrelevant because it is, by design, a lossless format and will always result in the bitrate required to encode the audio stream.

        In theory, FLAC supports any sample rate out there. I haven't tried ripping to FLAC yet, is there a limit on the samplerate or something in dvdfab?