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3D rip causes crash with MP3 and MKV, what should I use for Plex/PS4?

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  • BD Ripper (3D Plus) 3D rip causes crash with MP3 and MKV, what should I use for Plex/PS4?

    Hi, I'm trying to work out the best way to rip my 3D movies for playback via Plex on a PS4 and seem to keep hitting an issue with the High Quality setting and the 3D settings of either SBS 100% and "2 Video Streams In One File" option (or something like that). As a result DVDFAB crashes.

    It seems to be Ok with SBS 50% and HQ.

    Log attached.

    Can anyone give me some advice with 3D ripping...if it was a 2D disk I'd rip to MKV using the "Same as Source" options for video and audio, for 3D there are a few more options so what should I be choosing to get as close to the original as possible?

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    I use the 3d mkv profile for side by sides see screen shot for my settings.
    Depends on hat you want for full 3d like on the disk you can make a 50 gig clone with everything on the 3d disk just use the clone option set output to hard drive or to disk if your going to burn a 50 gig disk this will give you a exact copy full resolution exactly whats on the disk.This is the fastest way also you can also reduce the full 3d disk to 25 gigs main movie but this takes a lot of time and computer power not too bad on a I-7 computer with quick sync or a power cuda card about a hour or so anything less than a I-5 increases time a lot for shrinking to 25 gigs.

    To save a lot of space reduce to side by side 50% hi quility i make mine mkv's and keep the hd soundtrack discarding the hd sound saves space so decide whats more important to you hd sound or not then remember when making side by side 3d you cut resolution in half they still can look good but its no longer a blu ray.They are hi def.data disks but not full resolution.The 3d efects both depth and pop off screen effects still remain and on smaller screens you may not tell the difference but 50 inch on up you can tell the difference.Their even good on my 150 inch 3d front projection screen made in hi quility but remember their half resolution in one eye 1080 in the other and letterboxed movies even less resolution.You need to judge on your own system if compared side by side with a blu ray the blu ray wins hands down but The side by side is very watchable and saves major space on the hard drive or disk.Also side by sides can be reduced to fit on regular dvds 2 layer or even 1 layer disks.I would recommend only 2 layer disks or better yet on a UBS harddrive for storage.Make some each way and compare them on your equiptment then decide.
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      Thanks for the advice.

      I've been doing MKV main movie rips for 2D disks but read that the PS4 could process MPEG4 directly so Plex had to do less processing which was why I was trying MPEG4 for 3D.

      I'm looking to rip just the main 3D movie and don't mind if it takes an hour or two or how much space it consumes. So what settings would I use for this?


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        After reading your Plex and PlayStation limitations you can't stream a Iso or dvd ts files using the two together so you really can't get close to whats on the disk at all using your equipment set up as like it is.You can't play dts or other hd formats.Best bet that I can think of is using mp4 3d side by side using the Fab settings matching the limits of your equipment listed below.With using Plex streaming to Play station you trade convenience for quality acceptable to non fussy people (no insult to anyone intended here) that want ease of use over best picture and sound.

        Video Support
        Content matching the following can usually be Direct Played:
        Container: MP4
        Resolution: 1920x1080 or smaller ( PS3 has a max of 1280x720 )
        Video Encoding: H.264 (level 4.0 or lower)
        Audio Encoding: AAC
        Bitrate: 20Mbps or lower
        Tip!: While content up to 20Mbps will be allowed and you can adjust your settings as such, exceeding the recommended 8Mbps setting may result in poor playback.


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          I'm not sure what limitations you're referring to, are you confusing PS3 with PS4? For 2D I convert using the MKV Passthrough profile which includes the HD audio as well as bluray quality video.

          My confusion is over 3D where the settings are slightly different.


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            Under the copy mode of Fab select main movie load in a 3d blu ray then select advanced options on the left side their you can select side by side this makes a no compression side by side 3d movie (still at half resolution in one eye but not compressed) or for full 3d like on the disk select 3d main movie and make a uncompressed main movie no compression.Try each of these and see if they stream well with your set up.