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  • DVD Ripper Naming a file

    Hopefully this hasn't been answered before I couldn't find it in the forums:

    In the past I have converted all my movies to .iso files using DVDFAb. I am now in the process of batch ripping them from .iso to mp4 files to save same space on my HDD.

    Since I am doing so many at a time in the que I am trying to stream line the naming process. I would like it (if possible) to name the output file the same as the .iso file name it is. I currently right click and rename each one. I have looked at the naming option under the settings but must not be getting the set-up right as no matter what option I choose it will read title.title1 ex: house.s01e01.iso = house.title1 or Spectre.iso = Spectre.title1.


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    You can fix that in common settings like this:
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