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  • BD Ripper (3D Plus) BD ripper unsupported format


    I haven't ripped a DVD or Blue Ray in over a year, so please understand this is a newbie question.

    I had to replace my dell desktop that fried itself. I have a new Dell with Windows 10 Pro installed.

    My Blue ray burner is an LG BH14NS40.

    The problem is some of my Blue Ray disks are able to be Ripped but other can't. It seems like the system is not recognizing the new encryption formats.

    I have upgraded the firmware of the LG blue ray burner but still have the same issue.

    My DVDFAB version is

    Is there some other software or configuration I need to do to be able to rip the Blue Rays I'm having issues with.

    With my old Dell on Windows 7, I was able to rip the Lord of the Rings extended version Blue Rays with no issues. This was using the same LG BH14NS40 blue ray burner. Now I can't rip them.

    Any help would be appreciated.