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Program Crash with a particular title

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  • DVD Ripper Program Crash with a particular title

    I am running DVD Fab - Latest PC edition on a Macbook Pro 15, Bootcamp, Windows 10.

    With this particular title: Justice League: Attack of The Legion of Doom

    When trying to rip this title, I get the dialog box stating that DVDFAB has encountered a problem and needs to close. I restarted DVDFAB. I ran it with another title and all was fine. I put the mentioned title in again and got a crash again.

    I am attaching the log file.
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    I have tried the various usual fixes....cleaning the disc, disable pathplayer, and so forth. The crash happens when the title is being analyzed BEFORE any ripping occurs.


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      try checking your internet connection and your firewall status
      and also your antivirus software. seems like dvdfab is having trouble
      establishing an internet connection.


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        Dvdfab doesn't need an Internet connection to rip. It only needs it to authenticate. It only does that every so often. Irregardless, the same title did the same thing on a friends dvdfab install.