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Exodus Gods And Kings 3D Version

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  • BD Ripper (3D Plus) Exodus Gods And Kings 3D Version

    I am trying to rip this movie to 3D MTS and after about 30 minutes the ripper gives the message that the process has completed successfully but the file it produces only contains the first 20 minutes of the movie.

    In the advanced settings I am using the standard preset, fast encoding (1 pass) and video quality as high.

    I did notice that if I click on Choose other titles, it lists 4 versions of the movie for which the titles are 800, 850, 801 and 851 but as the program auto selected version 800 as the main movie I didn't change the selection.

    I have just signed up for the life membership of BD Ripper and this is my first proper attempt at using the program so I may be doing something wrong but if anybody could help me with this I would be really grateful.

    Many thanks in advance.....

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    Please post the dvdfab internal log files.


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      Thanks for your speedy reply October. I have attached the log and I see it has some read errors even though the disc is very clean and has no scratches.

      Is there anything else I can try?
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        Check your graphics card has the latest driver update
        And dvd/bluray drive has the latest firmware update.


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          My graphics card was fine but I'm glad you also suggested that I should check the firmware for my bluray drive.....I was only on version 1 and had missed about 6 firmware updates.

          Unfortunately the ripping process still only produces the first 20 minute of the movie but at least I am now bang up to date with my bluray firmware

          Many thanks for your help.


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            Try clicking common settings - av codec and switch everything to software Restart dvdfab and try the disc again


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              Just to let you know, even though the disc I was using didn't have any visible marks or scratches, there was a problem with the disc. I played it last night on my normal blu ray player and at various parts of the movie it got stuck briefly and then skipped a few seconds. This morning I took it back to the shop I bought the disc from and they exchanged it. I was able to create the back up from the new disc this afternoon with no problems.

              I probably should have tried the disc in my normal player before posting to the forum but as it was my first ever attempt at using the program, I thought I may have been doing something wrong when running the ripper program.

              Thanks very much again to october262 for all your help and at least I have learned a few tricks to try if I have any problems in the future.