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DVDs: subtitles mess

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  • DVDs: subtitles mess

    I am having consistent issues with subtitles in the DVDs I'm ripping. These are all DVDs that come with a Dutch audio track (next to the original English one) which then still has subs for some on-screen text. I'm not sure whether these are encoded as Forced subs or not. What I would usually do, is play the DVD itself with MPC to figure out the correct audio and subs tracks, and then select those tracks in DVDRipper. The problem is that both DVDRipper as well as Convertor (when I rip to MKV and then convert to MP4) seem to be dropping some subs here and there. This is happening with all DVDs that have a lot of these subs: Lego Movie, Lego Batman Movie, Ice Age, etc...
    I have literally spent hours to try to understand what goes wrong, but there is no logic to it. First I rip to MKV with subs extracted since the resulting idx-file does seem to be ok and consistent with regular DVD playback. I then use that IDX file to verify outputs to MKV or MP4 with subs remuxed or embedded. It's then that I easily find that some subs are missing here and there. The problem is that it's not even consistent across different rip methods.

    Examples from The LEGO Batman Movie, ripping with 'Dutch Large' subs track :
    (1) Rip to AVI or MP4 (render to video), select 'Forced Only' : all subs are missing (probably ok though - i.e. all are non-forced)
    (2) Rip to AVI or MP4 (render to video), unselect 'Forced Only' : only the first Sub ('Gotham Airspace') displays as well as some towards the end, all the rest are missing.
    (3) Rip to MKV (remux), select 'Forced and Normal' : one of the resulting sub tracks has no subs (probably normal given Forced+Normal, see (1)), the other has half of the subs.
    (4) Rip to MKV (remux), unselect 'Forced Only' : again the same half of the subs are missing, but now also the first sub is missing.
    (5) Convert outcome of (4) to AVI or MP4 (render to video) : even more subs are missing such that in total I maybe have like 10% of all original subs.

    So regardless whether I rip straight to MP4 or first go via an MKV (which I need to do to avoid audio hickups with Disney DVDs), I am missing quite a few subs in the end.

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    Originally posted by FabioD View Post
    Examples from The LEGO Batman Movie, ripping with 'Dutch Large' subs track :
    (1) Rip to AVI or MP4 (render to video), select 'Forced Only' : all subs are missing (probably ok though - i.e. all are non-forced)
    While a subtitle stream you choose is not "Force Subtitle", but you select 'Forced Only', you don't get any subtitle in the output file, this is normal.

    What player did you use for playback?
    Please use the preview feature to preview a certain subtitle to make sure it can be played correctly. After that, please convert again.

    Please post dvdfab_internal.log file as well.



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      Ok, tried out the Preview feature, and sorry to say, it's even more of a mess...
      First, the audio is wrong. When I select English (track 1), I hear German (track 5), and vice versa. When I select Dutch (track 2), I hear French (track 4) and vice versa.
      The subs cannot be displayed at all. Whatever subs track I select, the preview doesn't have any.

      In attach the requested log file for the following process:
      * start up DVDFab (dvd is already in player)
      * Select Dutch audio (track 2), Dutch Large subs
      * Click Preview: the audio is French, subs are missing
      * Click Start to start ripping to MKV Passthrough.
      * Resulting MKV does have the correct Dutch track and Subs track, but several subs are missing compared to playing back the DVD.
      * Finish and close DVDFab

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        PS: forgot to tell I'm using Media Player Classic for all playback validations. Note that for the MP4s it's not really relevant, since I always render to video in the final format.


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          How bad the problem is, also seems dependent on the DVD. I now ripped Despicable Me. The MKV was only missing the very first sub, and the MP4 that I converted from there does not seem to miss additional subs at all (although I didn't test all 30+).