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  • dvdfab ripper does not work anymore

    I use DVDFab BLURAY ripper for mac
    I downloaded few days ago (not sure what I had before since I hadn't used it for 1-2 months so I may skipped some versions).

    DVDFab stops right at 1%, the Frames per second go from 46FPS down to nothing and the "estimated time to complete" goes from 1:15HR to 3hr, 4hr, 5hr, 6hr, etc and eventually stops
    Doing troubleshooting, I just realized that if I use "Remux into file" subtitles or "Extract to idx/sub file" it fails, but if I use "Direct render to video" subtitles, dvdfab finishes the ripping.

    I really need the subtitles to be "able to select on my appletv" and it has for for 2-3 years till now.

    Anybody aware of this?

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    Hi robertogag,

    We are checking the problem with the information you provided via E-mail and Livechat, if there is any update, we will let you know. Please wait, thank you.
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