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.ISO files are locked until you exit DVDFab

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  • DVD Ripper .ISO files are locked until you exit DVDFab

    I'm running through my DVDs - which were previously saved using DVDFab Passkey to my server, in .ISO format - converting them to .mkv instead to save space using the DVD Ripper module of DVDFab. However, once the task is completed it is not possible to delete the .ISO file. Even if you switch to the "Ripper" tab and delete the source, you still cannot delete the .ISO file. So it seems that DVDFab locks the .ISO file and does not release this until the program is closed ... why?

    Currently running DVDFab x64 v11.0.1.9 on Windows 10 Professional, version 1809 - build 17763.379.

    Note that this was mentioned nearly 3 years ago here, the response from Wilson Wang was "Thanks for your feedback, we will check it."
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    Whilst I understand the idea of leaving the sources listed in the "Ripper" tab - in case you want to process them again in a different format, it saves the processing time when opening the file - it seems that there is no way of removing all the sources in one go. How about adding a "clear" button which deletes all the sources and releases the locks on the files ... ?