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    BD Ripper (3D Plus) Failer: 12 Years a Slave

    i tried to rip the BD Movie "12 Years a Slave"
    I want to rip and konvert it to h265 in an mkv container.

    But it failed, so i tried first, to rip it as ISO and then convert it.
    It failed too.

    The Protokoll is attached.
    Attached Files

    Ok, i think i solved the Problem and know where it is.

    It is in the Cinevia Protection.
    So i ripped the movie, with copying the Audio.
    If you Play the ripped Video, the Sound is protected. So the VLC Player gives huge cracks.
    After that i converted the Audio to AC3 with a Video Passthrough.
    Now the Video works fine.

    Maybe that can be fixed, that we can rip it directly?

    Otherwise, i hope i helped a few of you.


      Please disable all GPU and disable Lightning-Shrink in DVDFab Common Settings > A/V Codec to have a try and see the result.

      You may also convert with other profile like MKV.passthrough to see if it will make a difference.
      DVDFab log default location:
      For Windows: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab11\Log
      For Mac: Finder>Documents>DVDFab11>Log

      DVDFab Player 5:
      For Windows: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab Player 5\Log
      For Mac: Finder>Documents>DVDFab Player 5>Log

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        I tried and it didnt work to. But i rekognised, that there is a notice to the Cinevia Protection, that the Ripper cant handle it that way. So you have to go the Way through copy the Video with original Audio and then convert it.