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    DVD Ripper Problem ripping to mp4

    I'm having problems ripping DVDs to mp4. DVDfab freezes constantly. Everything is frozen, I can't even use ctrl-alt-delete. I have to press power button to shutdown, risking damage to my harddisk. I've checked the logs, but they're cutoff because the computer has frozen, and don't show anything. This is under Windows 10. I've noticed something that might prove useful. The problem occurs if I try do rip directly from the DVD. But I've found that if I do a copy to Main Movie or Fulldisc, and rip from that to mp4, I don't seem to have any problems. At least not yet... Using current 64bit version of DVDfab 11. Has anyone had similar experiences or know of a fix or workaround?

    Which profile did you use? Did you try other profiles while converting from the original movie disc?
    Please attach the dvdfab_internal log and fabcheck_internal log file for the process. Thanks.
    DVDFab log default location:
    For Windows: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab11\Log
    For Mac: Finder>Documents>DVDFab11>Log

    DVDFab Player 5:
    For Windows: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab Player 5\Log
    For Mac: Finder>Documents>DVDFab Player 5>Log

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      I used the mobile mp4 profile, but modified the fps setting to 30. That's the only change I made. I'll have to run to failure again to get the logs you asked for.


        Well, that didn't take long. First rip of the day. Froze at 28%. Computer totally frozen...had to shut off using power button. Don't like doing that, but no alternative. I'm attaching logs asked for. Had to rename and edit internal log as file size was too large. Focused on 7/13 date.
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