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    DVD Ripper Problems Ripping> MP4 Passthrough

    Hello to the programmers, there are problems with version when converting from DVD to MP4 (passthrough)
    Av-Codec Setting all at Software !
    The film in the output is only played with jerking ... Test - Fab-Player / VLC
    This is the case with all of the DVDs I have tested.
    Please take a look at this
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    try clicking common settings - av codec - switch everything to software
    restart dvdfab and retry converting dvd to mp4 passthrough
    and see if you still get the jerking playback.


      sorry I didn't mention the setting above


        yes - i can confirm this! I've the same problem und I've switched all to software and nothing happens. the resulting movie cannot be played. do you have any suggestions?


          We can reproduce the jerky issue, sorry for the trouble, the developer will look into it.
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