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    BD Ripper (3D Plus) Single Disc 3D rips

    So the main purpose of getting this software was to rip my 3d Blu Rays down for my Oculus. Most titles aren't a problem as the 3d Disc is separate. But several (Jaws 3, It Came From Outer Space, Dredd, and possibly a few others have both features on the same disc. How do you know that you're using the 3d file for the rip?

    For example on Jaws 3 in other titles, I can see a 300.mpls (57.09 bitrate 57.09mbs), 400.m2ts (bitrate 57,250kbs), and 800 MPLS (bit rate 38.27) but I don't know what I'm looking for to pick the right file for 3d. All 3 have the same running time. I'm guessing bit rate is my clue, if so what's my difference between the 300 and the 400 file?

    I'm also interested in any general suggestions for best quality settings. I did a lot of sbs but I'm seeing where maybe OU is the way to go. I'm mostly using these in Bigscreen VR and size isn't a real issue. I was using the samsung vr for a preset and pumping up the bit rate but I want to experiment with OU and that setting is locked.

    You can use BDInfo find out the difference between the titles.

    To get the best quality, please use 3D MKV Passthrough profile, but be sure that your device support to playback this format.
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      Thanks Mona, I had been using that for the above information.
      I had seen disc size for every one but missed the movie size stat. I do see that the 300 and 400 are essentially double size so I'm going to assume they're both 3d files. The description on each seems to list a 3d property so I didn't see it there. Appreciate the feedback!