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allmovies ripped for iPad skippy and Jump

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    allmovies ripped for iPad skippy and Jump

    I have tried to rip a number of movies from DVD to my iPad and everyone is jumpy. This all started when I upgraded from 7 to 8. Is there a way to go back to 7 till this is fixed, because it is rather annoying, or if not is there a soultion for this , I have tried increaing the frame to 30 and that did not work, i even tried ripping as n MP4 but iwas even worse. These movies inlcude From Paris with Love, Hot Tub Time Machine, 9 , Green Zone etc, for some reason it is just lousy conversion.

    I take it you no longer have the installers for Fab ???
    Send me a pm with the version you want and I'll hook you up...
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      DVD Ripper - iPad jumpy issues

      I have the same issue. How do I downgrade to Fab I have the install key.


        Originally posted by Marlene Kinney View Post
        I have the same issue. How do I downgrade to Fab I have the install key.
        Marlene Kinney
        Here you go just download from this link the version you want , also you can have different version numbers like 6,7,8,as they install in different folders.
        Hope this helps
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          Me too...

          Hi All,

          Also having exact same issue when upgrade to DVD Fab 8. Trying the Beta now but not impressed with the lack of testing on the new version. Can someone please have a look at this and resolve the issue?