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Am I missing something?

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  • Am I missing something?

    I am useing v6.1.2.0 and am still in the trial atm, I really would like to find a program were I can take my blu-ray movies and have them in a loss less (or at least as close to) form on a file server to stream to my ps3.

    I have tried a few different movies so far and have only sucessfully acomplished the process once. I take my movie and go bluray to bluray so in 100% quality and it makes a .m2ts file of the moive. Which is fine. Now when I goto transcode or go file to mobile, none of the ps3 settings work, one will process the movie to a .mp4 file that the ps3 cannot read, the other crashes my the program during transcoding. So I have been doing generic.avi.divx.audiocopy which seems to work correctly with pretty decent quality, however it seems to only work on movies that use dolby digital sound for the 5.1 if it uses dts hd audio the transcode seems to crash at about 258mb in which I would assume is were the audio portion switches to dts hd 5.1. If I use on the same file generic.avi.divx.mp3 the transcode takes place with no issues useually.

    My question is, Is there something I am missing on my system to allow it to transcode the better passthru audiocopy or hd audio? A codec or something? I mean haveing the video looking good is great but if you have to listen to it in stereo it kinda ruins it. Any suggestions? or better ideas? I really like to try to sort this out before my trial is up and have to continue my search else were, this program does almost everything I want, and would like to make the purchase of it if I can manage to iron out a few of these small issues.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Noticed there were more things i needed to add from the other let us help you thread.

    System Specs are:
    Intel Core I7 975 EE
    6 GB Corsair Dominator GT 2000mhz
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    also 3x gtx280's for cuda

    The crash message is a general DVDFab has stopped working and needs to be shut down windows error.

    The format it crashes on is generic.avi.divx.audiocopy Actully any profile that uses audiocopy causes the crash, but only on DTS HD Audio files.
    I put the video at 1920x1080 max bitrate useually 5000


    dvdfab_process.log don't seem to exsist



    looks like this

    DVDFab (2009/10/26 23:54:17)

    54m 58.18s: CUDA GPU Acceleration start ...

    DVDFab (2009/10/27 01:18:59)

    1m 15.89s: CUDA GPU Acceleration start ...

    DVDFab (2009/10/27 03:15:50)

    2m 03.92s: CUDA GPU Acceleration start ...

    DVDFab (2009/10/27 05:10:43)

    DVDFab (2009/10/27 05:28:50)

    2m 20.90s: CUDA GPU Acceleration start ...

    DVDFab (2009/10/27 06:03:57)

    1m 06.57s: CUDA GPU Acceleration start ...

    DVDFab (2009/10/27 16:19:43)
    The 54m one was a succsesful transcode with generic.avi.divx.mp3 the 2 1m ones are one file on previously mentioned profile and the 2 2m ones are a different file.

    Guessing thats everything