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    SLI GPU performance

    Hello, I just have a question about GPU performance. Obviously the most powerful GPU is going to be the best but by how much? So I was wondering if anyone had a chart or something for performance on a per GPU basis. Also, does DVDfab support SLI?? If so, what are the time gains from this?

    I just don't want to go buying dual 2070 Supers and have almost no performance gain with the Enlarger AI.

    Ryzen 7 2700X
    RTX 2060
    Win 10

    Multi GPU isn't supported at this time, but I have previously requested it with recognition from a staff member


      Thanks for the reply Darth. What GPU do you have and what times have you seen with it under specific workloads (SD to HD / HD to UHD).
      I could start making the chart I want to see, but I don't have the data.


        980 Ti, running off just one for now so hoping for multi-gpu also. For the few things I've thrown at it I seem to average about 6-8 hours for an hour length video, SD-HD. I've been unwilling to try HD-UHD just at this moment as unlike the latest NVidia cards, the 980 Ti doesn't have hardware acceleration support for 4K encoding/decoding.

        As for you, it should be a tad easier to work out given the advertised baseline of a 1660 Ti is approx 7 hours for an hour length video. The RTX 2060 has a 25% increase in the number of same-generation CUDA cores so it should take approx 5.25 hours to enlarge a 1 hour length video.

        When upscaling from DVD I rip the disc to an iso first so that read speed is less of a factor.
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