DVDFab Forum - Converting takes 800+ hours ??

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Converting takes 800+ hours ??

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    Converting takes 800+ hours ??

    Was trying to convert a movie from a DVD to BD50 with Enlarger, and it's going to take over 800 hours to convert, and telling me not to use the pc.
    This seems a long time... I had let it sit for an hour, and it was still at 0 %. and CPU was between 30-50%
    What is it doing?
    I canceled it, since it doesn't seem right to me.


    I'm not with DVDFab but if you reference this page it seems pretty normal for Enlarger AI to take quite a bit of time to work its magic. With good hardware, you're looking at 7+ hours for every 1 hour of video.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20201015-174729_1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	26.1 KB ID:	386177


      I Have a I9 -9900K 3.60 Ghz
      64 Gb Mem
      Nvideo RTX 2070

      So should be enough.. yet. it doesn't do much.


        here is a screen,,,, Using the latest version.
        and the amount of hours is still rising.
        Also, canceling the conversion, makes the program freeze up, and need to do an end task at some point
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