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slow going on high end computer

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    DVDFab Enlarger AI for Copy slow going on high end computer

    i am using enlarger AI ( dvd to bluray) vers to convert starship troopers (PAL) to bluray on my other pc. i am getting 2.7 fps conversion speed. i have a 4070ti nvidea gpu, ryzen 9 7900x cpu and 32gb 5200mhz memory and win 11 pro. and a 2tb samsung 990 ssd. i think this is slow for my hardware. there is no GPU load showing but the GPU was chosen in settings before starting. at this rate it is set to be a 20 hour process
    i have read on dvdfab website that ntsc (480p) resolution is supported but have found no information on the web as to whether PAL (576p) is supported. is PAL supported?
    i have copied the disc to my ssd first as a dvd main movie copy, do i need to convert to another video format first before upscaling?
    am i missing something else?
    i intend to enlarge to 4k following the dvd to bluray
    is there detailed instruction to the entire process somewhere?
    guidance would be very appreciated