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    Why is an Internet connection necessary to simply start the Mac version.
    In Windows version it's only required when coying blu rays, that's all.

    Normally I copy the disc on a hard disk and process later on. So why does the program wants internet connection - eben when you e.g. just want to burn?
    Many times I have no Internet connection available (even don't need on) and can't use the program then.

    I can't get the point why Mac and Windows version behave different in this way!


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    It needs Internet connection to verify the certificate to use DVDfab and opening disc. So Internet connection is necessary.


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      But why doesn't the Windows version require an Internet connection when starting or when processing DVDs? It's just the Mac version that does?

      What's the reason for this?
      It disables me using the program quite often (always when having no Internet connectivity).



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        For registered user, DVDFab will only connect to server to authorize at startup.

        For trial user, DVDFab will connect to server to authorize, at first time when user tries one option.
        DVDFab is the all-in-one software package for copying Blu-ray/DVD and converting video file.


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          Thanks for taking time to answer.
          Sorry about being maybe too stupid in getting the point.

          When I start the Windows version I can do this without the need of having an Internet connection. Doing the same with the Mac version forces me having an Internet connection at startup (permanent connection was the wrong expression, sorry).

          So, if I don't have an Internet connection available at startup I can't use the program on a Mac at all whereas on Windows it's possible to start (and work with some parts).