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    I am contemplating purchasing this product for my Mac Pro, but have several questions:
    1. Can a registered user upgrade to lifetime after purchase?
    2. Does the mac version include command line support?
    3. Can the mac version also be used on multiple mac's? Where can the EULA be obtained without installing the software?
    4. Are DVD-Audio discs supported?
    5. Are HD-DVD discs supported. (Some of use still have hundreds of HDDVD's in addition to very large BD collections)
    6. Is the core source code shared between the windows and mac versions?
    The reason for asking is to judge how the company will support future mac versions if sales are not blockbuster.
    If the code base is totally distinct without a shared core library, then the product may be snubbed in favor of the windows version.
    This has happened on many mac software products.
    7. Are multiple drives supported with concurrent ripping/copying jobs? In other words, if I have 4 optical drives, can I rip 4 discs simultaneously?

    Thank You