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    I am at a loss. I have been using DVDFAB on my windows desktop for years and I love it. I purchased dvdfab copy for my MAC today and it doesn't appear to work the same way. PLEASE HELP. On my desktop I have one dvd drive (Same on my MAC). I put in the Movie, copy it (using Full Disc selection) and when prompted, I remove the copied Movie, insert a blank DVD and it copies the entire movie onto that. Easy, simple and clean! Well I tried the same process on my Mac, but it doesn't work. I seem to be able to get the Movie Copied, my MAC then ejects copied movie but when I insert a blank DVD nothing happens! I just sit there. When I try to copy from the directory User>Documents>DVDFAB>Temp>Fulldisc>Movie on my harddrive, it copies the burnlog. I am SO confused. WHY doesn't it simply auto copy onto the Blank DVD when I insert it like it did on my desktop. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I hate to think I wasted $51