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Need to be connected to internet to use DVDFab

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    On Tuesday I had a failure in my internet service. I went to use my DVDFab V9 and found it would not recognize my license. I could only use the non-license features and said my license had expired. I have a Never Expire license. I had upgraded from a 2-year license last year. The next day the repairman fixed my service. When I started up my DVDFab it asked for my logon to verify license and then operated okay. Is there a way when you have a license to be able to use the software without internet connection. Understand the need for the internet connection during install, not after it has been installed.

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    Run DVDFab without the internet

    After much searching I found a item in the FAQ that allows you to run DVDFab without internet connection. You need to log into your account. There's a Key Download action button that downloads your key. You need to load it on a Flash drive that the computer not on the internet can read. I've attached a link to the FAQ.