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  • DVDFab v9 for Mac DVD Fab "The Installation Failed"


    I have this error and I cannot seem to get passed it, I have uninstalled, rebooted, installed, tried the beta, etc, etc and the error remains. Despite that fab is installed and has apparently updated to the latest version.

    I did have a HD failure so had to install OS X again, it worked fine before and now it doesn't, i thought it might be a permissions issue but the repair has not worked.



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    Installation error

    I have the same problem here.

    The error message says:
    "The installation failed. The installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the manufacturer for assistance."

    I also tried installing when logged in as root, with no success. I even tried reinstalling an older version 9231. Same issue.

    It'd be nice if someone from customer service helped us solve this...


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      Problem solved

      I think I've found the solution. Without erasing any of my old data, I reinstalled El Capitan right over itself. It kept everything intact. Then, I reinstalled DVDFab. The installer indicated that it was successful, so that seems to have done the trick.

      DVDFab runs well now. I've made a few playable Blu-ray copies with no more errors!
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        I thought I had tried that, but I'm not sure now. Seems to work ok anyway.

        I can't t test it now as I'm on 10.12 and fab doesn't support it yet 😕


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          Nice how it's a month later and nothing from the fab team