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  • DVDFab v9 for Mac On Trial

    Mac OS 10.11.5

    I've downloaded DVDFab9 and am working with the trial version. I really don't need most of it, but really want the DVD Creator to work well.

    Seems I can load a good number of files into it, even of varying format. That's great.

    It creates an .iso disc image, which I'm not fond of (prefer .dmg or .img) but I can work with it and around it.

    But for some reason I cannot create a menu for the disc. It's not covered in the rather extensive manual which stops short of any information regarding DVD Creator.

    I can create a full .iso disc image and mount that, but my computer's DVD Player won't touch it, but VLC, which can work with almost anything, will open it and show the individual files on the disc, but there's no menu, which makes the disc pretty much useless.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is it something in the software and its interaction with El Capitan that's the problem?