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BD Title - Allegiant playlisted couldn't be created!

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  • DVDFab v9 for Mac BD Title - Allegiant playlisted couldn't be created!

    Tried to backup Allegiant and spent 1.5 hrs of copying and 40mins of converting into iso, I found the iso couldn't be played, neither LITE menu nor full menu, using DVDFAB media player. Precisely, the media player apps was crashed once playing the iso.

    Using my Dune appliance but found the playlist of Allegiant iso wasn't there. It looks like the Mac version of bluray copy can't decrypt the movie so far.

    If online DVDFAB database is not ready to decrypt this new title, why does DVDFAB bluray copy keep continue doing a batch of work. Waste of my time! It should stop after scanning the titles.

    Now I wonder if DvdFab Bluray Copy is a mature product when it comes to the basic functions/features and its online decryption database update.
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    Carried out another backup again tonight but using BDMV format, this time it worked starting with LITE menu. I'll try iso format tomorrow and confirm the rest.


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      Retried backup entire BD disk of ALLEGIANT into iso format but in vain.

      The iso file, when playing into DVDFAB media player using LITE menu, had its timer kept counting but no picture shown on the screen except buffering 0~5% until 02:00:23 where chapter 2 started. When playing the iso file using another software player "LEAWO Bluray Player", picture started displaying at 00:12:53. Forced it back to timeline 00:00:00, apps crashed.

      When playing the same iso file on Dune machine using LITE menu, I found chapter 1, no matter which sound track, was access denied. I could only start with chapter 2 onward.

      It seems the iso converting process using Mac version of Bluray copy got problem when dealing with this new title "ALLEGIANT". But the output format using BMDV is just fine by starting LITE menu (Full menu is still in problem).
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