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  • DVDFab v9 for Mac Mac Beta Versions?

    Are there any Mac beta versions available to try? We're going on over two months now since a Mac update (4/26). Again, over 75% of the BD discs I'm trying to rip are giving me the "Please update DVDFab software" error or crashing DVDFab half way through the rip altogether. It's beginning to get extremely frustrating. I just renewed my Mac license at the beginning of April, and have hardly been able to use the product since then. Not the greatest customer service if you ask me. I really don't want to look for alternatives, but the lack of attention toward Mac users is starting to force my hand.

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    If you don't need iso format, there are a lot of Mac version out there, such as Pavtube for Mac, MakeMKV...


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      Useable Mac Copy coming soon????

      I have not been able to burn/copy anything with the current MAC version available. I'm feeling a bit shortchanged at this point. Can't even find an updated Beta version to use. Come on DVDFAB, what gives??? We want to share the love with Window version users!!!!