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star blazers S1D3 won't finish copy

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  • star blazers S1D3 won't finish copy

    My Star Blazers region 1 DVD, season 1 (quest for iscandar) disc 3, never finishes copying. There's a light scratch near the middle, which judging by the size (4GB) is near the end of the disc content. I polished it with a professional cleaner/polisher about 10 times. No matter how many times I polish and clean this disc, when it gets to 99% done the data rate drops to 0 and the disc won't finish copying. dvdfab doesn't seem to realize anything is wrong except that the data rate keeps dropping until it reaches 0 and the time to complete keeps going up.

    Finally I tried copying the DVD in the finder. It went normally. Then I did a full disc copy in dvdfab, from that finder copy of the DVD. Finally DVDfab was successful.

    I can mail the dvd somewhere if it helps to solve this problem.

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    try clicking common settings - drives - read - tick " ignore reading errors automatically "
    restart dvdfab and retry the disc again.