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  • multi-disc always disables first disc

    I have 3 BD drives. I queue up 3 rips at a time.

    In, after inserting the first disc, it gets red and the green toggle is on.
    Inserting the second disc, the toggle for the first disc gets turned off.
    Third disc, stays the same.

    So, after inserting 3 discs, i'm looking at the queue with 3 titles, but the first one is grey/off and the other 2 are green/ready. I can manually click the first one back to on, no problem. I'm reporting this right away after 2 occurrences.

    Toggling it on also changes the queue order, which is more annoying than the problem of it changing to off. For me, the queue represents the physical stacking of the BD drives. After toggling the title back to on, that title moves to the end. Now the queue order top->bottom doesn't match my physical drive layout top->bottom.

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    Hi vdv, sorry for the trouble, we will try to reproduce it first.
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      it's further annoying because the toggle is very unresponsive. you click it and the UI doesn't change at all. . so you wait and wait and then click again. but actually dvdfab was doing something, and just didn't update the ui. so now dvdfab finally responds but now it sees 2 clicks. so when it finally toggles to 'on', it immediately toggles back to 'off'. then you have to turn it on again. grrr