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Best UHD Drive for Mac?

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    Best UHD Drive for Mac?

    I'd really like to start backing up my 4K UHD collection to my media server but have been unsure what external drive to get for my Mac. Because there's no UHD drive tool for Mac I've been hesitant to buy a drive not knowing if it will work properly, how to downgrade firmware, etc.... are there any users here that use UHD ripper for Mac successfully that could recommend a drive that they use that works well?

    Here is link to DVDFAB web page for UHD recommendation. https://www.dvdfab.cn/manual/uhd-cop...ted-uhd-drives

    I have a LG:BH16NS55 and LG WH16NS40 and both work with MAC and DVDFAB and other software compines.
    Just make sure who ever you buy from supplies you with the FW that is on the unit or the SVS code depending on unit.
    If you search ebay there are several suppliers that have the drives and provide the information needed.