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Cyberlink infiltrated this development crew

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  • Cyberlink infiltrated this development crew

    The registration problems couldn't have been better if cyberlink had planned it themselves. But they've had a monopoly for years and their pricing is outragiously way too high. So I'm with this boat till it sinks or swims.

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    I know this is a bit "Me Too", but CyberLink really made me angry enough to give them a lifetime boycott because of their stupid setups & (lack of meaningful) support. I hope Fengtao resist the temptation to bloat their programs with annoyingly pointless, multi-gigabyte feature creep.


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      Why in the %&*%$# would I pay $49 for something shark codecs and media player does for free. I actually bought the thing only to find that it did not play BD's, let's just say I got that money back real quick. Don't even get me started on the I don't own software anymore I'm only renting it for an annual fee. Even that, here, is reasonable all others have hard to live with annual charges.