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Caching cover art with DLNA ?

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  • Caching cover art with DLNA ?

    I use Media Player to play files from my DLNA server. I've noticed in at least one folder where Media Player is displaying old cover art for video files when I hover over the file entry in the menu. It isn't picking up the proper cover art. What apepars to have happened is that it cached a version of the cover art for a number of files in this folder, even though they've been updated more recently. I verified on another DLNA client that it is displaying the proper cover art for this folder. Is there a way to deleted any cached cover art in Media Player ?

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    After some digging, I found the answer myself. Under MyDocuments\DVDFabPlayer\userdata\Thumbnails\ there is a folder called video, which is the video cache folder. I renamed it and reconnected to my DLNA server. Now all of the proper cover art is displaying. It would be nice to have an option within DVDfab Media Player to delete the cache and not have to go this route.