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  • Sound is terrible

    I have a problem with this media player. I have searched and found no other threads for this, so,, here goes. Anything I play on this, the sound pops and crackles too much to even try to watch on my PC. It does this on all types of media and files. MP4's, ISO's, AVI's, DVD's, Blu-ray discs, WMV's, etc. VLC plays everything mentioned without this happening. In fact, the sound is perfect with VLC Media Player.

    I would just go ahead and use VLC, but I paid for DVDFab media player, and would like for it to play and sound decent enough to use. It had done this with pretty much every version for the last three months or so,, well, for as long as I have had it anyway.

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    Well, I got it figured out.

    I found that the volume amplification button was maxed out by default, and made the popping crackling sound. I bumped it to zero, then pushed the "Set as Default" button, and it cleared itself up.