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  • Superior audio hardware compatibility

    I want to thank DVDFab for what looks like a very promising player. I am a musician who has used professional Firewire audio interfaces from M-Audio and Mackie. Though Firewire has certain advantages over USB for pro music recording, it is not as compatible with consumer software applications. I have tried numerous media players over the years, including those by Cyberlink, Corel, Microsoft and others, none of which could play stereo audio from DVDs or Blurays over these Firewire interfaces (my USB hardware works fine I assume because of the native Windows USB drivers). These applications sum the stereo signal to a mono signal which contains quite a lot of distortion.

    DVDFab Media Player is the first player I'm aware of that can play perfectly clean stereo HD audio from any of my movies over my professional Firewire interfaces. This means I can stream ultra high-quality digital audio to my studio monitors while watching movies, which has made the experience much more fun for our whole family on Movie Night.

    You have a product that produces a superior-quality experience right out of the gate. I am impressed!
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    Ditto That!

    I want to echo this - from my readings on other forums, it appears that a lot (most) media players really struggle with audio, and most can't (or couldn't until very recently) handle bitstream HD audio at all.

    I, too, think FabMP shows a lot of promise, and as the releases stack up, I am getting more enthusiastic and excited about the product.