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Some BD menus don't launch and some don't work

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    I think it has to do with your new install try it without it.Do a search on the internet for how to properly install it and check this video out.


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      Thanks Guys,
      I build computers for a living and it pays the mortgage!
      I've lost count of how many hard drives I have installed, ATA and SSD's right back from the DOS days with the former.
      This install works without the slightest hiccough with all programmes except for some reason it doesn't like the Fab player. I installed TMT5 again and that works just fine apart from Cinavia. Windows media player also works, but only on DVD as it's only meant to.

      I copied a Blu ray, movie only to my video storage drive (one that froze just before the main movie starts) and burned it do a BD-RE disc and it played back perfectly. So, why does that original disc freeze just before the main movie, but the movie only disc works! Weird.? A setting somewhere, possibly? A widespread problem, if all else works fine, I doubt that somehow. A driver issue, Mmm interesting, but doubtful. I will investigate more and see what I can come up with.
      Not playing ISO's is no biggie for me that may be because they were made on a different programme. The problem ends up not being able to play any Blu ray disc that has trailers or warnings before the main movie.
      Please don't think me ungrateful, I really appreciate your efforts.


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        I meant to post the above earlier today, but got tied up with a very nasty virus infested dirt clogged rig. Now clean and clean.

        The player is working, well mostly, I've done nothing to this rig as I haven't had time. I thought I would try the Scrooge BD just once more and it went straight to the main movie? This was the original bought disc! I then tried some ISO's and they worked as well (all of these are main movie only) it seems to play BD's now, but only the movie, no way of getting at any menus. Weirder and weirder said Alice!
        I will keep at it to see what's going on here and any more suggestions would be welcome.
        Thanks again for your input, it could have been useful.
        The log on the discs that froze said "successful" ?????


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          Increased verbosity of logs?

          I am still working on isolating anything that helps identify these "authoring" issues that keep the player from running. BD Menus are absolutely critical for my application, so I am going to work on this with my engineers.

          Is there any way to increase the verbosity of the logs? Right now, I am trying to load Super 8 in Menu Mode and the progress bar loader is just filling and refilling. The logs show:

          09:22:49 I audio device list:
          09:22:49 I dev[1], type[DEVTYPE_IEC958], Name[DirectSound: Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio)]
          09:22:49 I dev[2], type[DEVTYPE_PCM], Name[DirectSound: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)]
          09:22:49 I dev[1], type[DEVTYPE_IEC958], Name[WASAPI: Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio)]
          09:22:49 I dev[2], type[DEVTYPE_PCM], Name[WASAPI: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)]
          09:22:49 I default device [DirectSound: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)]
          09:22:49 I open F:\, playlist=-1
          09:22:49 I open source(volumenameARLINGS_AC_RETAIL,type:Blu-ray BDMV) successful


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            Latest problematic BDs:

            Despicable Me 2: won't load
            Kill Bill Vol. 1: nothing happens after the Miramax logo.

            MultiMakeMKV: MakeMKV batch processing (Win)
            : DVD Shrink batch processing
            Offizieller √úbersetzer von DVD Shrink deutsch


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              Has anyone noticed that sometimes in "Simple" mode (which IMO should be called Movie Only) the subtitles are activated when you do not want them?

              I see no programmatic way to stop that or to even cycle through the subtitles with a keyboard shortcut.

              From my mplayerc-hc programming days, I recall the "forced subtitles" being a huge pain. The flags get overwritten and the player forgets the user doesn't want to see general subtitles, only the forced ones.