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Does not automatically play any file

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  • Does not automatically play any file

    I am using all DVDFab products on Mac including the Media Player v1.0.3.4.
    Since I don't know when, the Media Player does not automatically play the file when double clicking a media file from the Finder. To be clear, here are the steps:
    - I double click a AVI or MKV file in the Finder
    - DVDFab Media Player automatically opens but not the media file inside it
    So then I have to use the "Open File" icon and manually navigate from inside the player to locate the file I want to play. Very painful.:
    All was working smoothly for months/years ... not sure what has changed!
    I have checked the settings for an "auto play" option or something like that but could not find anything to try"
    Could anyone help?