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Where is snapshot activation?

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  • Where is snapshot activation?

    Glad to finally be able to launch Media Player 2 under Snow Leopard. However, I see another thread on aspect ratio being off for DVD's, but in this version, I can no longer even find a way to activate Snapshot in any menu, contextual or otherwise (I have it set up in preferences). The Windows-centric manual says to hold down "S" which turns on "Mute" in my version. What's the secret? Thanks

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    Keyboard shortcut on Mac is C.

    Alternatively Right click / Video / Snapshot.

    BUT the aspect ratio is useless with DVDs until DVDfab fix it. It works fine with Blu-rays.

    Overall I'm getting some flakiness - crashes if I take bunch of snapshots even tho I'm running i7 iMac with 32GB RAM and latest OS. Also sometimes crashes if I try to jump forward using the slider.